YMCA Pilot Season


The Esport Company & YMCA Johnstown partnered to launch a YMCA Esports program and league. The pilot season will include 3v3 Rocket League, amongst 4 different YMCAs. The YMCA Esports Camp will launch August 12th to kickstart the program initiatives, all powered by The Esport Company.

Pilot Season

4 week season starting on September 7th, 2021

Week 1: 9/7

Week 2: 9/14

Week 3: 9/21


Week 4: 9/28

What’s Included?


What if my YMCA does not have a facility for the pilot season?

This is not a problem! Due to the current climate of the world, we are allowing students to compete from home if they have the appropriate machine and internet capabilities.

Can my YMCA enter more than one team for the same game?

Yes! YMCAs can have an unlimited number of teams competing.

Who sets up the games each week?

The Esport Company handles everything from confirming games and times, setting up game lobbies, streaming the games, verifying rosters and eligibility to ensure players are who they are supposed to be.

What if my team is low rank or new to the game?

The Esport Company offers multiple skilled divisions to ensure fair and competitive play across our leagues. Coaching sessions are available on a first come first serve basis.

Are participants allowed to play from home?

The Esport Company prefers that participants play at their YMCQAs. However, if there is a conflict or there is no equipment at the YMCA, extra procedures will occur to ensure the students are actually themselves when competing.

Is there a fee to join the pilot season?

There is no cost in order to participate in the pilot season.

Interested in joining the pilot season?

227 Franklin St. Suite 212
Johnstown, PA 15901

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