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YMCA League


How it works

– Competition starts every Thursday at 4:00 PM at your local YMCA.

– Eligible for kids aged 9-13.

– Season membership includes: Jersey, Practice Time, and Weekly Competitions in Rocket League.

– Must be able to compete in person at your local YMCA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligible youth will fill out the application to join the YMCA Youth League.

There will be 4 weeks of online competition against other YMCA’s beginning on the June 2nd.

On July 16th we will hold the championship at the first summit arena in Johnstown.

Anyone with a YMCA membership is eligible to play.

*Depending on the YMCA*

You only have to travel to your local YMCA. The YMCA will have the equipment you need to play!

On July 16th, we would like to showcase the league at TEC CON. You would need to travel to Johnstown to the first summit arena.

No problem! This is a youth for fun league.

While playing to win is important, playing to have fun and learn communication, teamwork, and game skills is what this league is all about.

No, the only thing you have to pay for is the YMCA membership.

We cover the first 10 members that join the league.

*Note: In order to complete your registration, you must visit the physical location of the ymca that your child will be playing at.