Why Esports?

Let’s go over how Esports benefits students and schools alike!


  • Coming Summer 2021!
  • 6-8 Week classes online or available at the TEChq
  • Hands-on classes that will educate and train anyone interested in learning specific areas. Each class features an internship opportunity once completed.
  • Available classes to take: Entrepreneurship, Graphic Design, Human Resources, IT, Management, Marketing, Production, Shoutcasting, Social Media Marketing, & Video Editing

TEC High School Curriculum

  • 9 Week & semester long classes (online & in-person available)
  • Available classes to take: Entrepreneurship, Graphic Design, Human Resources, IT, Management, Marketing, Production, Shoutcasting, Social Media Marketing, & Video Editing
  • Students learn the curriculum during school and then are able to apply that knowledge to the schools Esports program to continue their development
  • Curriculum is updated yearly in order to stay up to date with the rapid advancement of technology
  • High school internship opportunities with The Esport Company

TEC After School Program

  • Utilizing the school’s LAN center or a TEChq, the development continues!
  • Students will be able to apply their knowledge to real experience such as social media management, managing their team as a captain, running the live stream for their school, designing graphics, and more
  • These students will be trained by TEC staff throughout the process to continue to develop their foundation of knowledge they learned from school
  • Letting students find their passions throughout the process
  • 3-month long program

TEC College Curriculum & Internship Opportunities

Having students engaged in learning is another benefit to Esports. Schools with an Esports Club have the opportunity to develop a new curriculum around their club or program, and adapt current curriculums to include Esports. For example, using different game titles to image how history is conducted by using the content from the games as the students are already familiar, invested in those games, and generate an immediate connection to the course content.

Cortney Mason is not a newcomer when it comes to the gaming community. She started playing in high school, and realized it was more than just a “video game,” but a collaborative effort with others working toward a common goal. Whether that goal is for fun or added teamwork, she just had a knack for it!

Cortney brings a specific skill set to the team through her educational experiences. In 2013, she earned her first two Bachelor degrees at the Pennsylvania State University. Having a degree in both Secondary Education and English Liberal Arts paved the way to what is now a successful teaching career. In 2017, Cortney went on to earn her Masters in Educational Leadership and Supervision. Currently she is working toward her Doctorate of Education. With her combined experiences and educational background, she is an integral part of TEC curriculum development.


How much does it cost to be a member of the league?

The TEC High School League allows for annual membership at a discounted cost or individual registration for each season. For the inaugural Spring 2021 season, we are waiving the membership fee.

What if my school does not have a facility for the Spring 2021 season?

This is not a problem! Due to the current climate of the world, we are allowing students to compete from home if they have the appropriate machine and internet capabilities.

Can my school enter more than one team for the same game?

Yes! If a member school has more than one team (varsity and junior varsity) for a specific game title then they may enter. both teams in the league. Maximum two (2) teams per game title from each member school.

Can my students play in both the amateur league and high school league?

Yes! If a member school has a student that currently competes on one of our amateur teams then they may still compete for their high school team.

Please note that some competitions may take place on the same day and time, which would hinder their participation on both teams. Please plan accordingly!

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