Saint Mark’s CyberClash

Saint Mark’s CyberClash 2021

About the Event


Who can play?

For 7th and 8th Grade students located within (1) hour of Saint Mark’s High School in Wilmington, Delaware.

How does it work?

Eligible students will fill out the application to join the CyberClash Discord. Students will the be assigned to a team if solo or if signing up with friends, grouped together.

There will be 8 Weeks of Online Competition against teams beginning on July 19th.

Registration ends on August 16th

Does my son or daughter need to travel anywhere?

Over the 8 weeks of online competition, there will be no need to travel anywhere! However, if your son or daughter is on a team that makes it to the semi-finals, there’ll be a live event at Saint Mark’s High School on September 25th.

What if I’m new to Rocket League or Overwatch?

This event will be broken down by skill level. Meaning, your son or daughter will compete against other students around the same skill level!

Skill level will be determined once practices begin on July 19th.

Is there a cost to compete?

The Saint Mark’s CyberClash is FREE to play in!

“The Saint Mark’s CyberClash 2021 will offer more than $100,000 in scholarships and prizes for students entering 7th and 8th grade! Saint Mark’s goal is to be the premier secondary school in the area of Esports”

Tom Fertal – President, Saint Mark’s High School

Sign Up Below!

CyberClash Discord:

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