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“To provide real opportunities and experience through esports and technology.”

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Centralized Space

TEC Headquarters (HQ)

Where TEC community connects & thrives
Where opportunities become reality
Education Center, Community Space to host events, Media Center, Co-Working space
Located in Johnstown, PA

Our Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal at The Esport Company has never changed… it is all about bringing positive change to cities across America. Through the esport leagues, we are able to engage with the youth, in order to create a pathway to success. This pathway starts with the education and development around these leagues. The education consists of multiple fields, ranging from Marketing, Management, Graphic Design, Video Editing, IT, Human Resources, Communications, Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Photography, Videography, Live Event Production, and more! Through the education and engagement of the youth, the rebuild of cities begin. TEChq will encompass all aspects of esports, technology, education, to develop future leaders of the community.

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227 Franklin St. Suite 212
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