The Esport Company


TEC Education

– Consists of summer camps, after school programs, a semester long curriculum, online courses, and networking events, all through esports and technology.

– Utilizing the TEC Leagues will enable hands-on esport industry experience across multiple career paths. These career paths include: Graphic Design, Video Editing, Production, Marketing, Management, Shoutcasting, Entrepreneurship, Merchandise and Branding, Photography and Videography, IT, Web Design and Ecommerce, Human Resources, and Esports Coaching.

Summer camps

– The purpose of the TEC Summer Camps are to showcase the opportunities in the esport industry. By working with high schools and universities, the camps are a great way to introduce esports in their respective communities.

– Camps held at Mount Aloysius University, Saint Francis University, Pikesville University, and more.


TEC After School Program

– The TEC After School program is for high schools interested in giving their students an opportunity and experience in the esports industry.

– The program will give students hands on experience with The Esport Company as they develop the necessary skills to run production, TEC Leagues, marketing, managing teams, and more.

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TEC Curriculum & Internship Opportunities

– Having students engaged in learning is another benefit to Esports. Schools with an Esports Club have the opportunity to develop a new curriculum around their club or program, and adapt current curriculums to include Esports. For example, an esports club needs help with marketing their team on social media. By working with The Esport Company, and utilizing our semester curriculum, students will be able to learn the necessary skills for the industry by taking an esports marketing class. In this class, they will learn information such as: creating social media calendars, understanding how social media and different platforms work, importance of content creation, creating social media ads, etc.