TEC Curriculum

Beginning with the history of Esports, this course will provide students with a detailed understanding of the evolution of the Esports industry. Students will not only learn about Esports, but the career opportunities within the industry. There will also be a greater and in depth understanding of all the other aspects that encompass Esports. 

High School Series

High school teams compete head-to-head in Valorant, Rocket League, & Overwatch 2

Youth, aged 9 – 14, compete at their local YMCA in Rocket League, Fortnite, Multiversus, & more!

Intro to Esports

Showcases every season

Course Structure/Method

The course will include readings, class discussions, review of key terminology and vocabulary, quizzes, exams, and a final research project. Students will be evaluated on their participation in class discourse in addition to their assignments.