Welcome to your one-stop-shop for all your college esports needs.  Our focus is on providing the best platform for colleges to recruit high school students and showcase their program.  We offer sponsorships, equipment, and access to stats and analytics on top players.  We can help with recruiting, education, merchandise, and competition.  Let us jumpstart your college’s esports program.


We understand that recruiting is a crucial part of building a strong esports program.  That’s why we offer fall and spring recruiting events, which provide the opportunity for college coaches to scout and recruit the best high school esports athletes.  Our events allow coaches and players to connect in a fun and competitive environment.

In addition to our recruiting events, we also offer access to our TECEsports platform.  This platform provides insider information on top players’ stats and analytics, helping colleges find the best players to recruit.  With our help, you can build a strong and competitive esports team.


At TECEsports, we believe in the power of education and workforce development.  That’s why we offer a curriculum for colleges to accept and help jumpstart their esports program.  Our curriculum provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the esports industry, from game design to event planning.

We are looking for more colleges to accept our esports curriculum!


Show off your college’s pride with our help.  We offer events and college-specific events that we can help produce.  We can also help your collegiate program with merchandise, from tables to banners and more.  Our merchandise is designed to showcase your school’s esports program and help build team spirit.


We offer college events where you can showcase your skills and compete with other colleges.  Our events provide a fun and competitive environment for players and fans alike.  With our help, you can host a successful esports event that showcases your school’s program.


Equipment Rentals

We offer equipment rental services for esports teams and competitions.  Our packages include top-quality gaming equipment and jerseys.  Contact us to learn more about our rental packages and how we can make your event a success.

New school rentals start at $3,500.  Returning rentals please contact us at

If you are interested in purchasing equipment instead of renting, please contact us at

We look forward to gaming with you!


Starting an esports program can be challenging, but we’re here to help.  We can provide the equipment you need to start your program, from high-end gaming PCs to peripherals and more.

Our TECEsports ecosystem includes access to messaging and recruiting, stats and analytics, and yearly in-person recruiting events.  

With our help, you can jumpstart your esports program and take it to the next level.


Sponsorships are available for TECCON and other events.  We work with sponsors to provide opportunities for exposure and recognition within the esports community.  Our sponsorship packages include a variety of benefits, such as branding, advertising, and access to our events and platform.

Get in contact with us to learn more about sponsorship opportunities!

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