Weekly Game Guide

Valorant Agent Spotlight – Chamber The French Sentinel Chamber is a fun addition to any team with interesting but powerful abilities that can turn the tides of any round whether it be a site retake, a flanking maneuver, or even simply a gun fight. As a sentinel his abilities are focused around supporting the team […]

Forest Hills Coverage

Forest Hills: Ben Grove Interview Starting this week, I will be starting with some interviews for each of the high school team managers! To start off this series I decided to interview the manager of Forest Hills, Ben Grove. The Beginning For the purpose of this interview, I started off by asking Ben how he […]

Rocket League Recap

Week 2 of Rocket League! Welcome back everyone, it is week 2 of the High School Series and the games that we have this week were fantastic! it is the second week so all the cobwebs are gone, the teams are comfortable and ready for some serious ballgames. With that out of the way, let’s […]

Tim’s Learning Corner

Weekly Valorant Guide – Brimstone Continuing on this week of agent guides for Valorant, we will be looking at the controlling American with a unique buff, Brimstone. Brimstone is an agent that is also about control and very similar to Astra in terms of abilities and having a good overview of the map. With the […]

Weekly Rocket League Recap

Week 1 Recap For this week of Rocket League games, we had a boat load of games to get through and they all were thrilled with thrills and skills coming from every team present! These games were played to best of 5 and with that, there is a lot of game to get through so […]

First Week Recap- Valorant

Valorant Recap Hello everyone, this week has been a great one here at TEC as the High School Series has started! As of right now we have a start up for both D1 and D2 in Valorant and trust me when I say, every game was as exciting as they possibly could be thanks in […]

One Year Update & Reflection

Wow, where do I even begin on the past year from Oct. 1st 2021 to now October 2022? Hello, I’m Seth Mason, Founder & CEO of The Esport Company. I’m now 24 years old, I remember being 19 in my college apartment starting my journey in Esports! Let’s get into it: The High School Esports […]

Tim’s Learning Corner

Breach Character Guide By: Timothy Chuhran Continuing from last week, here is the second Valorant guide as I go down the list of agents alphabetically to give the readers out there a good grasp of the character and what they do. This week we are going to go over the character of Breach and his […]

A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start By: Timothy Chuhran With the start of a brand new season for the High School Series starting today, I thought I would sit down with Bryan, the power pushing this season forward, and get his insights on the program as we start to begin this exciting season. What does Bryan do? When […]

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Review

As per the words of famous journalist, Frank West, “I’ve covered wars you know?” and that is exactly what I did with the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta that started on September 24th and ended on the 26th. Overview The beta showcased the whole new playstyle that Infinity Ward is working on, and […]

Mini Golf Shenanigans!

Mini Golf Shenanigans! By: Timothy Chuhran On September 27th, the TEC staff once again convened for our weekly meeting to go over important information for the week but as soon as the meeting was over, everyone in the office came together for a friendly game of Walkabout Mini Golf played on the Meta Quest 2! […]

Weekly Game Guide

Tim’s Learning Corner This is my first entry into the learning corner where I will be guiding you, the reader, through some of the intricacies of gaming whether it be a champion overview in Valorant, League of Legends, or Overwatch, strategies and techniques in an FPS, or just something random that I choose at my […]

Some Bean Bag Fun!

Some Bean Bag Fun! By: Timothy Chuhran 09/27/2022 On Tuesday, September 20th, The Esport Company engaged in one of their weekly team meetings and it ended in a (bean) bag full of excitement as we commenced our first corn hole tournament! The games started at 4:00 PM and went on for the better part of […]


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