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Esport Curriculum & Programs
  • TEC Education
  • TEC High School Curriculum
  • After School Program
  • TEC College Curriculum & Scholarships
  • High School & College Program Management

Centralized Space

TEC Headquarters (HQ)
  • Where TEC community connects & thrives
  • Where opportunities become reality
  • Education Center, Community Space to host events, Media Center, Co-Working space
  • Located in Johnstown, PA

Esport Leagues

High School & Amateur Leagues
  • TEC High School League
  • TEC Amateur League
  • Meet Our Teams

Making a Positive Impact, One City at a Time

The mission at The Esport company has never changed… it is all about bringing positive change to cities across America. We are providing these areas with educational structures, a centralized space, Esports leagues to promote the Esport industry, and to help young minds achieve greatness.

Seth Mason, CMO – The Esport Company

Seth is an all around inspiration for the gaming community. He has a vision, and that is what he seeks out on a daily basis. Seth leads his team with confidence and respect, and with the vision of the greater good he seeks to accomplish. He has set out in 2020 to bring back the spark that Downtown Johnstown once had via the TEC HQ (coming summer 2021). 

227 Franklin St. Suite 212
Johnstown, PA 15901

The TEC™ is the property of The Esport Company.
We’ve been providing TECleagues, TECbus, TECtalk, TECmedia, TECblogs, and TECeducation since 2020.

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