D1 Overwatch 2 – West Branch vs. Windber 2-0

Windber and West Branch fight to claim a better seeding in the closing week of TEC’s D1 Overwatch 2 regular season.

Starting the match off on the Antarctic Peninsula, West Branch and Windber trade rounds and tie the map up 1-1 overall before heading to match point on the Sublevel stage.

Windber builds up an impressive 50% before DPSDiff is able to wipe their squad with a Dragonblade to flip the point to West Branch’s control. During the next fight, BallDiff on Zarya already has their Graviton Surge built up, and it is used to secure more percentage. In the dying moments of the round, Irondragon scores a 3k with their Artillery ultimate on Bastion to lock in the map for West Branch.

On Shambali Monastery, West Branch start their attack with a dive composition based around BallDiff on Winston and DPSDiff on Genji. West Branch push non-stop all the way to point three, seemingly without losing a fight, before they are stopped by an ult investment by Windber. Unfortunately, with no support ultimates to counter DPSDiff, the Dragonblade is successful and West Branch take point three with time to spare.

On Windber’s attack, they are unable to break past the Ramattra and Junkrat of West Branch. Cycling out ultimates, West Branch keeps a consistent supply online to shut down any attempt at pushing the cart from Windber. Windber were unable to capture point one, and so the series was closed out 2-0 by West Branch.

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