D1 Overwatch 2 – Chartier Houston vs. Boyertown 2-0

Chartiers Houston and Boyertown battle for their first match win in the closing week of TEC’s D1 Overwatch 2 circuit.

Chartiers Houston took the first round on the Antarctic Peninsula with a Sigma based composition, and Boyertown were unable to find a break in their point hold. 

On the Sublevel stage, Chartiers Houston played much of the same composition, and it worked as well as it had before. Chartiers Houston built up their point percentage to completion and Boyertown were unable to reach the point to secure overtime before it was captured.

Moving to Shambali Monastery, Chartiers Houston starts their attack with YBBetter on Doomfist. On Boyertown’s side, Krueger opts to play Widowmaker and starts the round off with a quick headshot.  Unfortunately, YBBetter swaps to Reinhardt and Krueger is unable to find any more picks before Chartiers Houston take point one. 

Point two is picked up without a hiccup from Boyertown being pushed back into their spawn. Triplechinnn closes out point three for Chartiers Houston with time to spare with a superb Death Blossom on Reaper. 

On their defense, YBBetter picks the signature Reinhardt again and shows how effective it can be. Chartiers Houston held the cart near the spawn doors of Boyertown, and finally, after an overextension by the tank, Boyertown made progress on the cart push.

Point one is captured by Boyertown after overtime commences, but they are stopped again by the Reinhardt of YBBetter. Krueger secures the second point of Monastery with a 3k Riptire on Junkrat, and the round seems winnable. Boyertown make a push into point three, but without any ultimates stored up they are unable to finish the map before overtime ticks down.

Chartiers Houston win 2-0 over Boyertown for their first win in regular season of D1 Overwatch 2.

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