D1 Valorant – Windber vs. Boyertown 13-2

Windber and Boyertown fight on Fracture for a better seeding coming into TEC’s last week of the D1 Valorant regular season.

With Windber starting on defense, they confidently took the pistol round, and Bucky1230 was able to hold down B site with a 4k to build an immediate two round lead on Boyertown. 

MrGary and Plutoh took turns scoring multikills in the rounds to come, with a 4k from MrGary on his signature Reyna using the operator and an impressive 4k from Plutoh with the Showstopper on Raze. Windber quickly built a six round lead before MajrKern could put a stop to their streak with the operator. 

In the following round, TonyMacaroni won a 1v1 clutch to secure Boyertown’s second round on the board. Unfortunately, Windber continued their relentless defense of Fracture up to a 10-2 scoreline.

With the sides flipped, Windber took the pistol on their attack. MrGary followed up in the coming round with a 4k to flawlessly take B site. Windber confidently closed out the game 13-2. 

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