D1 Valorant – Penn Trafford vs. Forest Hills 13-10

Penn Trafford and Forest Hills face off on split to secure a better seeding for the last week of regular season D1 Valorant. 

Forest Hills start Split off on defense, with a quick B site take they win the pistol round with a spike plant to add. On their next, they rotate quickly to A after showing presence on B for an easy spike plant and round win on an open site. 

Penn Trafford responded with Zeda posting a 3k to secure their first round at 3-1, and KrazyRazey clutches the sequential round to put them back up 3-2. 

Forest Hills continued to build their lead up to 7 rounds until they mistakenly dropped their spike on the wrong site and were unable to retrieve it before the timer expired. sKipp won a 1v3 clutch to secure the final round of the half and put Forest Hills up a solid 4 round lead over Penn Trafford. 

However, Penn Trafford had strategies up their sleeve for defense. Mounting their comeback, they took 7 rounds in a row to surpass the lead of Forest Hills by 2 rounds. At 11-9, now was the time for Forest Hills to fight back.

RobotixMaster is able to clutch a round win on A site with just five health to even the score back out to 11-10, but Penn Trafford continued their secure hold on Split to win the final 2 rounds and secure the map 13-10 over Forest Hills. 

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