D1 Valorant – Greater Altoona vs. Shade Central 13-3

Greater Altoona and Shade Central clash on Split for the last regular week of TEC’s D1 Valorant series.

Shade Central starts their half off on defense but are unable to handle a 3k from Kratzer to secure the pistol round. Going into their buy round, Greater Altoona’s Kratzer scored another 3k to secure the round in flawless fashion.

Greater Altoona built up four rounds before Shade Central could respond.  Before long, Greater Altoona were up to eight rounds with another exceptional 4k from Kratzer. In the next round, Claw was able to secure a 4k to put them up to nine rounds over Shade Central’s one. 

Greater Altoona got eleven total rounds on their attack side, leaving Shade to switch to attack to play a flawless side if they hoped to win. 

Luckily, Shade was able to secure the pistol round and the forcebuy thereafter, starting to mount their comeback at 3-11. 

Unfortunately, Kratzer and YoshiOhNo win a 2v2 clutch on B site to secure match point.

At 12-3, Claw scores one final 3k to secure the match against the 1st seed Shade Central. 

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