D1 Rocket League – Boyertown vs. Penn Trafford 3-2

Penn Trafford and Boyertown brawl back and forth during TEC’s closing weeks of the regular season for D1 Rocket League.

Penn Trafford quickly showed their offensive prowess with impressive goals by Xtrencia133 and Johnny to build a lead up early in the round. Boyertown clawed their way back to a round one win in overtime. The score was tied 3-3 when mmr.enjoyer scored to end overtime 4-3 for Boyertown.

During round two, Penn Trafford picked up their defensive side and kept the score low. Focusing on their defensive capabilities, they closed out round two with a 3-2 scoreline thanks to a few goals by Johnny.

In round three, Penn Trafford continued their strong defensive showing and inhibited mmr.enjoyer from scoring for the majority of the round. At a 1-1 scoreline, both teams entered overtime, and Xtrencia133 was able to end the round with a goal one full minute into overtime.

Round four saw a constant battle between the teams. With goals from both teams, Johnny scored a hat trick quickly to put Penn Trafford in the lead. ABagOfSkittles and PmpknSpiceLatte responded with goals off of each other to tie the game up. ABagOfSkittles scores off kickoff to end the round 4-3.

Game point, round five, Penn Trafford seemingly ran out of steam. PmpknSpiceLatte and mmr.enjoyer scored early for a 2-0 lead. A shot from Penn Trafford threatened to reach the goal, but mmr.enjoyer flew out of the net and made the save to keep the score at 0. Mmr.enjoyer scores one last goal to end the round off 3-0, and Boyertown take the series 3-2.

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