D1 Rocket League – Greater Altoona vs. Penn Trafford 3-0

Greater Altoona and Penn Trafford face off in D1 Rocket League.

Greater Altoona took the first round with bold moves toward the goal, Penn Trafford were unable to find any counter of their own. 

In the second round, Altoona took a quick lead with MNR_Cosmic scoring to put them up 3-0. Penn Trafford’s Xavier scored back, but they didn’t have enough time to mount a comeback off of it.  Greater Altoona takes the second round.

Game point for Greater Altoona, and Penn Trafford visibly stepped up their defense. It took until 1:40 for MNR_Cosmic to score over the heads of Penn Trafford and put the first point on the board. Burnt_l1me fired back quickly, but MNR_Cosmic put another point up to secure the round 2-1. Greater Altoona defeat Penn Trafford 3-0.

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