D1 Rocket League – Forest Hills vs. Frazier 3-0 

Forest Hills and Frazier square off in TEC’s Rocket League division 1 series.

Frazier had no response for the dynamic duo of Pigb and Heathk07 throughout this match. 

During round one, Pigb scored an impressive 6 goals with Heathk07 backing him to put them up 7-0. 

Round two saw no mercy from Forest Hills, as Pigb glided through the air and past the defenders of Frazier again and again. Forest Hills won round two 14-0.

Nubz_9_1_2 was able to score first during round three off of an incredible save by sethman619, putting Frazier up 1-0. Pupgaming6 responded with an immediate goal from the kickoff, and both teams continued the battle. Frazier’s defense and offense improved during round three, but with constant demos from Pigb, Forest Hills took round 3, albeit at a lower scoreline of 4-2.

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