D1 Overwatch 2 – West Branch vs. Forest Hills 2-0

Forest Hills and West Branch battle it out for a match win in TEC’s Overwatch 2 circuit. 

During Lijiang’s garden phase, West Branch forced an aggressive composition based around Doomfist and Sombra. Forest Hills were unable to respond with their Junkerqueen based team and so Forest Hills took the first round of Lijiang 100-0.

On Night Market, West Branch showed more of the same, but with an Echo instead of Sombra. Forest Hills would capture the point with a Dragonblade by Jabybamal, but only after 99% was acquired by West Branch. West Branch would come back to win the next fight with their stored ultimates and close out Lijiang 2-0.

On Havana, West Branch chose a Wrecking Ball and Forest Hills were unable to contest first point after a loss in the first fight. Second point was quickly gained, too, after a swap back to their signature Doomfist. West Branch finished Havana with more than three minutes to spare. 

Forest Hills switched to their attack side, and with it they brought Mei and Bastion. Unfortunately, they were unable to counter the Wrecking Ball brought by Balldiff, and the map series was closed out in 2-0 fashion by West Branch. 

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