D1 Overwatch 2 – Gateway vs. Central Cambria 

Central Cambria and Gateway clash during the third week of TEC’s Overwatch 2 division 1.

Central Cambria sided for a Doomfist on Night Market as opposed to Exuvis’ Orisa pick. Despite this counter pick, they closed out Night Market with relative ease, only letting Gateway build up 30% towards a capture before they were able to hit 100%. Fork showed good looks on Doomfist and was a key contributor to this stage win. 

Lijiang’s Control Center stage started with a capture by Gateway, but a quick flip back for Central Cambria. Central Cambria continued to win fights, and with a desperate switch to Reinhardt, Gateway made their final push to the point, but were unable to contest for a fight in sudden death, and so the map went to Central Cambria. 

During Havana, Fork utilized Ramattra to hold Central Cambria at their spawn doors and defend them from capturing even the first point. Central Cambria only had 40 meters to push to win the map, and after one fight loss, Gateway’s defense caved in, and the series was won by Central Cambria, 2-0.

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