D1 Valorant – Shade Central vs. Forest Hills 13-3

Shade Central and Forest Hills battled it out on Haven for week 3 of TEC’s D1 Valorant circuit.

Shade Central amassed 6 rounds on their attack before Forest Hills could respond. Icy continually found entries on Reyna to open up the site and secure rounds. 

Forest Hills found their first round with an impressive 4k on a C site retake by sKipp.

Shade continued to build rounds until Strikeforce345 clutched a 1v1 with a smoke defuse on site C. Forest Hills end the half with 3 rounds thanks to an outnumbered retake on A. 

Unfortunately, Forest Hills were unable to carry their momentum into their attack side. 

Tonskele won a 2v1 on pistol to take Shade up 10-3. More plays by Orange pushed Shade Central up to 13 rounds to Forest Hills 3.

Despite the scoreline, these teams were neck and neck throughout this match!

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