D1 Valorant – Greater Altoona vs. Windber 13-1

Windber and Greater Altoona fought an interesting match on Bind during TEC’s third week of D1 Valorant. 

Starting off down a player, Greater Altoona were the obvious underdogs coming into this matchup. 

Despite this, they built up 5 rounds before Windber could secure a round with a 1v1 clutch by Creator and his operator. 

Gus Bunny scored an ace with his operator in retaliation to take Greater Altoona up 8-1. 

Soon after, Gus would dominate with his Tour de Force on Chamber. Switching sides, Gus would take two more on the pistol round to put Greater Altoona up 12-1. Closing the game out at 13-1, Greater Altoona did the impossible and won their match despite being down a player. 

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