D1 Valorant – Greater Altoona vs. Boyertown 13-0

Greater Altoona and Boyertown fought on Haven during week 3 of TEC’s D1 Valorant league. 

Greater Altoona opted for a Yoru, a new pick that has not been seen in TEC’s Valorant division yet! 

Greater Altoona takes the pistol round, and the following force buy is dominated by YoshiOhNo and a 3k from his sheriff. 

Greater Altoona kept the pressure up and built rounds while Boyertown was unable to find a break in their strategy. During round 8, Bane scored an incredible 4k with a spray from his Vandal. 

Greater Altoona closed the map out 13-0 with confident pushes, even on defense. 

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