D2 Valorant – Blacklick Valley vs. Ferndale 13-3

Blacklick Valley and Ferndale face off in Division 2 Valorant on Ascent. 

Blacklick opted for a Killjoy on their defense to stop fast pushes. They secured the pistol round and their force buy on round 2 to start the half off confidently on Ascent. 

Blacklick chained 6 round wins before Ferndale could break their defense by finding an open site A, gaining a free bomb plant and converting it into a round win. Strwbrry closed the half out on Reyna with 3k using the operator. 

Starting the attack side up 11-1, Blacklick were confident in rushing through B on their pistol round. An entry from strwbrry helped them secure the spike plant and close out the round. 

At match point, Ferndale resorted to a desperate play. Madec21 fast flanked through middle with a judge against Blacklick’s full B commit, netting themself 4 kills and even clutching up the 1v1 against WildmanMP with their trusty shotgun. 

Madec21 kept this same pace in the following round for an identical play to net Ferndale a third round win. 

Unfortunately, Blacklick gain access to site A for free. With a 5v5 retake in order, Madec21 runs to flank again. Blacklick take note of their previous mistakes and counter the flank before they are able to do any real damage. Blacklick Valley close out the match 13-3 against Ferndale.

Even TEC’s Division 2 has up and coming prospects to watch out for! 

TEC’s next Valorant match will be on October 16th with Forest Hills versus Shade Central. 

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