D1 Valorant – Windber vs. Ferndale 13-5

D1 Valorant – Windber vs. Ferndale 13-5

Windber took control of the D1 Valorant match on Ascent against Ferndale and won 13-5 in stunning fashion.

With Windber starting on defense, their aggressive Neon based team composition was more based on attacking. Nonetheless, MrGary and plutoh made it work with combat scores reaching over 400. Ferndale was unable to counter their accurate gunplay and strategic defense, and the half ended 8-4. 

Ferndale won the pistol round on their attack thanks to a 4k by TheMadLad. Unfortunately, Windber’s fast attacks and an ace by plutoh helped them build rounds throughout their attack side, keeping Ferndale at bay with 5 rounds. During Windber’s 11th round, plutoh sealed the game shut in a 3v5 against Ferndale with another ace after finding out site A was left open. 

Up to match point, Windber closed it out with a B site rush, even defending the bomb outnumbered in the post plant. MrGary on Reyna led the match with 6 first bloods, but plutoh topped the leaderboard with 29 kills playing Sova.

Windber has talent to be wary of during this season of D1 Valorant. Even when outnumbered, they don’t back down.

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