D1 Valorant – Forest Hills vs. Boyertown 13-4

Forest Hills take on newcomers Boyertown on Ascent with an exciting 13-4 scoreline.

Forest Hills started the match off on defense with a strong 3k from sKipp to take the pistol round. In the buy round afterwards, BENCHBOI holds the spray for a 3k with the spectre. 

Forest Hills racked up 4 rounds before Boyertown could put a stop to their streak. 

With solid smoke and ultimate usage, Forest Hills close out the half 10-2. sKipp tuned in, too, with seven kills from his operator in just two rounds. 

With Boyertown switching to defense, they were able to steal the pistol round away after a failed A site hit from Forest Hills. Boyertown built upon this to get their 4th round in the match, but with Forest Hills bringing out the rifles on their buy, the match swung back into their favor. 

sKipp closed out round 13 with a brutal ace using the operator, mercilessly charging through mid and site B and even Boyertown’s spawn to secure 5 kills in the final round. 

Forest Hills are a team to be feared during this season of D1 TEC Valorant.

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