D1 Overwatch 2 – Windber vs. Connellsville 2-0

Windber and Connellsville fight for a match win in D1 Overwatch 2. 

On Ilios Lighthouse, Windber utilized an impressive aim from MrGary on Hanzo to build percentage, Connellsville being unable to take a fair fight with early picks from the bowmaster. Timmy chimed in on Genji too, and Lighthouse was dominantly claimed by Windber. 

During the Well stage, both teams shifted their compositions to match the map, with Windber electing to use a Pharah-Mercy and Orisa and Connellsville a Lucio. Windber start the map strong with more picks from MrGary on his signature Hanzo. An overextension from Windber’s tank causes them to flip the point to Connellsville at 99%. With ultimates in storage, Connellsville builds up 95% before Windber are able to break through and capture the point with another sublime play by MrGary. 

Moving to Dorado, we see Connellsville starting on offense and Windber defending. MrGary is able to shut down the first push of Connellsville with 3 opening picks on Hanzo. Windber are steadfast on point one, and do not let Connellsville capture despite a 2k Riptire from JadeYeti.

Windber moves quickly on their attack, and MrGary scores an ace to win the first fight. Before Connellsville can devise a counter, the cart is nearly already pushed through to point one. MrGary leads the server with 21 eliminations, and Windber close out Dorado, and the series, 2-0.

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