D1 Overwatch 2 – Gateway vs. Ferndale 2-0

Ferndale and Gateway battled it out during the second week of Division 1 Overwatch 2.

On Ilios, both teams flipped control of the point back and forth before Gateway started making significant progress. A 4k by Exuvis on Orisa pushed Gateway over 80% completion, and with a rushed, uncoordinated final push by Ferndale, Gateway took round 1 of Ilios with their stored up ultimates. 

On the Ruins stage of Ilios, both teams made heavy composition changes, with Ferndale opting for a Ramattra and Gateway a Zarya for their tank line. With Gateway chaining fights together off of well placed ultimates, Exuvis holds his Graviton Surge until the last percentage of the point, using it to stall Ferndale and keep them from contesting. Gateway took Ilios 2-0. 

On Dorado, Gateway start their attack with a similar composition, but change Exuvis over to a D.Va to contest high ground. With one fight, Gateway definit ively capture point one of Dorado. 

With a Riptire by Loganplays33 and a Self-Destruct from Exuvis, Gateway lock in point two of Dorado. Despite composition changes from Ferndale, Gateway push the cart to point three with over three minutes remaining. 

On Ferndale’s attack, Gateway are pressured by the Doomfist of Madec21. Rally and Transcendence are spent to nullify his Meteor Strike. In turn, Katsumi is able to score a 2k Barrage on Pharah with no support ultimate to counter him. Ferndale finally breaks through the unwavering defense of Gateway and moves closer to point one of Dorado.

With Ferndale marching to claim point one, Loganplays33 pulls out his signature Riptire to score a 4k before Ferndale are able to secure the point. This hero play halts Ferndale in their tracks and they are unable to regroup for a proper attack before time runs out. Gateway closed the series out 2-0 against Ferndale.

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