D1 Overwatch 2 – Central Cambria vs. Forest Hills 2-0

Forest Hills and Central Cambria clash during week 2 of TEC’s Division 1 Overwatch 2 circuit. 

Starting on Ilios, Central Cambria took the control point early with an aggressive Doomfist and Tracer composition. Gary built an early Riptire on Junkrat to win the second fight with a massive 4k ultimate. Central Cambria took round 1 on Ilios convincingly. 

Round 2 of Ilios saw much of the same, with Central Cambria sticking to a similar composition with only changes in the support role. Again, they are first to take control of the point. Forest Hills fire back with a few picks, gain control of the point, and start to build their percentage. 50% is gained before Central Cambria are able to flip the point back in their favor. Forest Hills are unable to recontest the point and Central Cambria take Ilios 2-0. 

On Dorado, both teams switched up their team compositions, with Cambria bringing out a Pharah-Mercy combo and Forest Hills their beloved Bastion. With unrelenting spam from Central Cambria, Forest Hills are unable to make significant progress on point 1 before their timer expires. 

With teams swapping sides, Central Cambria are able to get the map done in one fight thanks to early picks by Gary on Echo. Central Cambria took the series 2-0 against Forest Hills. 

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