D2 Rocket League –  Shade Central vs. Chartier Houston 3-0

Shade Central swept Chartier Houston off their feet with a 3-0 in D2 Rocket League today. 

Chartier Houston had no response to Shade Central’s own heisenburgQ. Seven consecutive goals in round one and several from their teammates lead Shade Central to convincingly win round 1 at an 11-0 scoreline.

Chartier Houston shook off their jitters and made improvements to their round one strategy, but Shade Central pressed through their defenses and took round 2, albeit at a much slower pace, thanks to Chartier Houston’s adjustments. 

Another heisenburgQ hat trick and confident triple commitments onto the Chartier Houston net have Shade Central up 3-0. With Chartier unable to counter, Shade built their lead. TheRealPumpkinz scores the final goal of the series to leave the score at 8-0. 

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