D1 Rocket League – Shade Central vs. Windber 3-1 

Shade Central and Windber face off in D1 Rocket League with an exciting back and forth match.

Early demolitions on both teams lead to a goal for rand8m_, putting Windber up 1-0. Past this, Windber makes a team effort to put the round in their favor with individual goals from every member. Rand8m_ scores a hat trick to secure the round 6-3 for Windber. 

During round two, Shade Central turned to a heavily aggressive playstyle, forcing rand8m_ into defensive positioning around the goal for the majority of the round. Icyveins6990 scores between two defenders for Shade’s first goal. With only one minute remaining, Windber needed a goal back in this round to have a chance. rand8m_ attempts one last goal with 5 seconds remaining but is blocked by a Shade defender. Shade Central claimed round two and tied the series up 1-1 overall. 

In round three, Shade Central mounted a comeback with that same constant aggression on the net. Relentlessly, Zdigz scores a fast hat trick to put Shade Central into a comfortable 3-1 lead. Windber are still unable to counter their tactics and Shade Central are up 2-1 overall.

Match point, Shade Central relies on their same strategy. Zdigz steals the ball straight past Windber’s defensive line and scores for a 1-0 start. Shade stayed dominant in the offensive zone, but with 20 seconds left Plu scored an air dribble goal to tie the game up 1-1. With just seconds remaining, Icyveins6990 goes from end to end to score a beautiful goal and win the match 3-1.

Shade Central are another up and coming team who will not back down even after starting the match down a round.

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