D1 Rocket League – Forest Hills vs. Boyertown 3-0

TEC’s previous D1 Rocket League champions Forest Hills showed no mercy against Boyertown and took the match in a stunning 3-0 fashion. 

In round one, Jadon sets up Forest Hills early on for a lead with an impressive double tap off of Boyertown’s backboard. Mmr.enjoyer fires back with an air dribble goal of their own, but Pupgaming6 ends the round with a third and final goal. Forest Hills take round one 3-1.

Jadon boldly sets the pace for round two with an early goal against Boyertown’s defense. Soon after, the score was 4-0, and Jadon had already scored a hat trick. Heathko7 and Pupgaming6 chimed in to bring the score up to 6-0 and claim round two. 

Mmr.enjoyer proves the game is not over yet and scores a valuable goal for Boyertown to start round three. Jadon fires back by spotting an out of position Boyertown defender, tying the score up 1-1. With just 40 seconds remaining, Jadon scores the final goal of the game to put Forest Hills up 2-1.

Reigning champions Forest Hills beat Boyertown in D1 Rocket League 3 to 0. They are definitely a team to watch out for in this D1 circuit.

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