D2 Overwatch 2 – Shade-Central City vs. Westmont Hilltop 2-0

Shade Central and Westmont clash in their first match in TEC’s Overwatch 2 Division 2. 

Starting on Circuit Royale, Shade’s attack utilized a Pharah that overpowered both hitscan players of Westmont, even after a switch to Sombra. Shade are able to reach point three with 2 minutes in the bank to spare. 

Westmonts turn to attack Circuit Royale is shut down by a sublime Orisa ultimate by DDavis2007 on the first point. Tynashkal closes out the final fight with a 3k Artillery ultimate on Bastion, and Shade Central go up 1-0.

During Busan Downtown, DDavis2007 once again shows that he is a key player in the roster. Constant target calling against out of position supports leads him and his team to a 100-0 on the first stage of Busan.

On Meka Base, Westmont picks up the pace against Shade, with teamfight outcomes being closer than ever before. DDavis2007 tops the damage charts for this round, surpassing his DPS, at 5,997, the highest in the lobby. His impact on the tank role is something to watch out for in later games. 

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