D1 Overwatch 2 – Forest Hills vs. Boyertown 2-1

TEC newcomers Boyertown make their first appearance in D1 Overwatch against Forest Hills.

First map, Circuit Royale, Bloodhound showed us his Sojourn experience by putting up impressive numbers and stopping Boyertown before they could reach the first checkpoint.

On their attack, JabyBamal rains destruction down from the skies with Echo and closes the first map out quickly in favor of Forest Hills.

On Busan, Boyertown opted for a spam heavy Junkrat and Pharah based composition. Forest Hills is able to outdo their spam with the use of Bastion, until Nugget matches their Bastion and they regain the point. On the last fight of point one, Vessa scores a 2k with D.Va’s Self Destruct to claim round point. 

During Busan’s Sanctuary stage, Nugget continued controlling the pace on Bastion. Boyertown won the first fight and closed the map out 100-0 on Sanctuary, leaving the score tied at 1-1.

Finally, on Colosseo, Forest Hills gains momentum and pushes an early 60 meter lead against Boyertown. Again, Vessa is the hero of the game and fires back with a 3k Self Destruct on her signature D.Va. Boyertown gains a near 40 meter lead on Forest Hills, sitting at 96 meters. Forest Hills claw back in overtime to close the map out and end the series 2-1. 

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