D1 Overwatch 2 – Central Cambria vs. Ferndale 2-0

Central Cambria and Ferndale square off in their first Division 1 Overwatch match.

On Circuit Royale, Central Cambria hold close to Ferndale’s spawn with a unique Torbjorn Junkrat composition. Their defense is comfortable, and Fork brings out Doomfist on attack to secure the first map. 

On the second map, Busan, Central Cambria continue with Doomfist as their main tank. Fork convinces Ferndale to submit and give up the capture point. With percentage rising to 100%, Uhhpepper skates out of the spawn doors to backcap the point to give Ferndale a chance in the map. Unfortunately, it is flipped back, and map one closes out in favor of Central Cambria.

On Busan’s Downtown stage, Central Cambria brings out Symmetra to control the point. Ferndale are unable to counter and everything seems all too familiar. With ultimates built up, Central Cambria utilizes spacing and smart ult usage to close out Downtown and the series altogether. 

With unique, aggressive team compositions, and obvious raw talent, Central Cambria are a team to watch. 

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