D2 Rocket League – Carmichael vs. Shade Central 3-0

Carmichael set a high bar in their first game of Division 2 Rocket League against Shade Central.

JKray5 scores 5 goals with 8 shots on net in round one, Shade Central unable to counter their constant pressure and attacks on net. 

Jitters seemed to wear off by round three for Shade Central, however, down 2-0 it was seemingly too late. With a minute remaining and the score tied, heisenburgQ scores a tremendous goal to put Shade Central up 2-1 in the round. With only five seconds remaining, JKray5 is able to tie the game up and send both teams into the overtime round. 

Pushed into overtime, JKray5 scores one final goal with the help of his team to finish the game out 3-0. Both of these Division 2 teams have promising stars, so watch out for their move to D1.

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