D1 Rocket League – Penn Trafford vs. Greater Altoona 3-0

Greater Altoona will defeat Penn Trafford during the first showing of Division 1 Rocket League at a scoreline of 3 to 0.

Greater Altoona’s chemistry and experience prevail against Penn Trafford during today’s D1 Rocket League match. Dbkelly1. and sqrcu. were unstoppable on their offensive attacks against Penn Trafford. sqrcu. scored an early first round goal, solo, with an air dribble against two defenders, proving his mechanical prowess. 

In round two, Penn Trafford was able to keep up with heavy usage of demolition and aggressive goal plays, but Mr_mehhh was able to fend them off at the goal to keep the second round at a 4 point lead, ending at 8-4. 

In the third round, Greater Altoona built an early lead and played accordingly. Shifting from bold plays in front of the enemies net, they defended their own instead and comfortably won the match. Despite the scoreline, it was a back and forth match.

Penn Trafford warmed up throughout the game, but Greater Altoona had consistent force to get through the defenders and into the net. They are definitely a team to be watched.

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