D1 Rocket League – California Area vs.

D1 Rocket League – California Area vs. Connellsville 3-2

After an arduous battle, California Area defeated Connellsville 3-2 in Division 1 Rocket League. 

The first five game series has been played in our Division 1 season. Newcomers Connellsville had a lot to prove versus California area, and the match went the distance. 

After back and forth goals and a disconnect by Shady in round two, Exauvo fought throughout round three with 5 shots on goal. Unfortunately it was not enough, and Connellsville went up 2-1 overall. 

With great communication and teamplay, Exauvo is able to score a hat trick in round four, one of which is a perfect display of team effort to pick up the lead even when they are down in rounds overall. The score is tied up at 2-2. 

Game point, round five. Mounting a comeback, California Area are able to score early goals and play defensively to secure the win against Connellsville. Raw determination leads California Area back from the brink of defeat to start their season off 1-0 against Connellsville. 

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