D1 Valorant – Windber vs. Greater Altoona 13-8

Windber and Greater Altoona battled it out on Icebox with a decisive 13-8 finish putting Windber up 1-0 in the season standings.

Windber started slow on their defense half, only racking up four rounds to Greater Altoona’s 8. Mechanically, both teams were even, and with a majority of the rounds coming down to low player retake situations, it could have gone either way. 

During the second half, Greater Altoona was unable to stop Windber’s constant A site aggression. Soon, the match was tied up.

With the score up 8-8, Windber sided to fake a rotate to the B site and gained access to A for free after an early rotate from Greater Altoona. MrGary is the key player here, and his stats emanate this. Playing as the lurker while his team leaves, he is able to give info back that all of the defenders have left, giving them entry into site A for no cost. 

After this, the rest of the half is consistent by Windber. Nine consecutive rounds puts them up 13 to 8 for a win on Icebox. Both sides looked good, with Greater Altoona having the lead in the beginning. Unfortunately for them, Windber’s flawless attack was too much for them to keep up with. 

The next match of the season will be Boyertown vs. Forest Hills, October 9th at 3:15 PM.

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