D1 Valorant – Penn Trafford vs. Boyertown 13-3

Penn Trafford and Boyertown faced off for the first match of the regular season of Division 1 Valorant. Penn Trafford defeats Boyertown at a scoreline of 13-3 on Haven, leaving them up 1-0 for the start of the season. 

Penn Trafford’s Emine was shining throughout their first showing. Her use of the operator on Jett during their defense half allowed them to easily build rounds against Boyertown. Emine was exceptional at shutting down pushes and opening the round with 5 first bloods throughout the game. Totaling 26 kills and only 8 deaths, she was the highest rated player in the lobby. 

3 rounds were achieved by Boyertown, but good plays were shown individually nonetheless. Unfortunately, they were unable to keep up with the fast pace and aggression brought by Penn Trafford. One match is left for D1 Valorant today! 

Tune in at – https://www.twitch.tv/theesportcompany

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