Spotlight Player of the Day | Joel Ayi-Kumi

Spotlight Player of the Day | Joel Ayi-Kumi

Published on May 4, 2023

Name: Joel Ayi-Kumi

Player Name: 7joeler

School: Gateway High School

Age: 17

Grade: 11

Esports game(s): Rocket League

Parents: Samuel and Priscilla

Esports achievements: On varsity Rocket League team

Coach’s quote: “Joel returning from last year came in at great time helping smooth out an unsure d1 team. He played his best and made sure that his teammates were doing their best as well.” – Gateway Team Manager Sai Malyala

Favorite subject: Math

Favorite movie: Ready Player One

Favorite video game: Rocket League

Favorite food: Rice

Favorite song: Pride by Kendrick Lamar

Favorite app on your phone: Clash of Clans

Outside interest: Playing the Trumpet

If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?: A Red Panda because they are lazy and I am too

Favorite esports team: Moist

Esport player most admired: Squishy

Most influential person on my esports career: My brother

Most impressive esports player that you have competed against: PigB

Proudest esports achievement: Making it past the first stage of the playoff bracket for the first time

How I got my start: I started playing rocket on Christmas of 2016 when I asked my parents to buy me my first computer game, Rocket League.

Future goal: I want to win playoffs

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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