Spotlight Player of the Day | Deven Young

Spotlight Player of the Day | Deven Young

Published on April 28, 2023

Name: Deven Young

Player Name: Deevo16

School: Forest Hills Highschool

Age: 18

Grade: 12

Esports game(s): Overwatch 2

Parents: Jeremy Young

Esports achievements: An achievement for me would be winning 2 championships at SFU- as well as being a all star player playing in the 2022 Tec Con in Johnstown PA, last year- and to now in the current esports season have the opportunity to run the Varsity Overwatch Team

Coach’s quote: “Deven is one of our last original members since our club was formed 3 years ago. He has been part of 2 TEC Championship teams, and has taken the role of Captain of the OW2 team and club president. Deven is a welcoming and calm mannered student, but once he becomes in game there is a competitive switch that kicks in. He has had to switch on/off DPS and Tank roles this season with new players arriving to the team this season. When it comes to team moral, Deven can bring his team members together in practice or match times to promote a positive environment.” – Forest Hills Team Manager Ben Grove

Favorite subject: Painting

Favorite movie: Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith

Favorite video game: Star Wars Battlefront 2

Favorite food: Spaghetti

Favorite teacher (subject tateacher) Painting- Mr.Evans

Favorite song: Peaches- Jack Black

Favorite app on your phone: Instagram

Outside interest: Traveling to Comic Cons, watching lotr, twd, Star wars etc, Painting,

If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?: Racoon because I relate to the trash Panda

Favorite esports team: Forest Hills Esports!!!!!

Esport player most admired: Ian Dobbins- (FlipStingray)

Most influential person on my esports career: FlipStringray

Most impressive esports player that you have competed against: Vsnipes

Proudest esports achievement: Playing in 2022 Tec Con because if felt like a really special
opportunity to play and be able to compete

How I got my start: I was a sub player in the first year we opened the esports program at my
school, and at this time we had 1 team which was Varisty. A player wasn’t able to make the
game so I filled the position of Tank. I ended up playing pretty well in the position playing
Reinhardt and ended up getting potg (play of the game) and after that I was put in as a main
player sense then.

Future goal: To continue playing esports after Highschool at a college potentially Pennhighlands

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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