Spotlight Player of the Day | Aiden Carr

Spotlight Player of the Day | Aiden Carr

Published on April 28, 2023

Name: Aiden Carr

Player Name: vvangg

School: Forest Hills

Age: 18

Grade: 12

Esports game(s): Overwatch 2

Parents: Tammi Carr + Edward Carr

Esports achievements: 2022-23 winter season OW2 playoffs

Coach’s quote: “Aiden is one of two new senior members that was welcomed into our club this year. He has stepped up in a big way by being our main tank in OW2. Aiden has a ton of confidence and passion in OW2. He is always one to be vocal and communicate his actions in game, but also to get our club noticed throughout the school. You can always spot him or Deven wearing the FH ESports logo anywhere in our building. Aiden also has classes in media which I hope he pursues in some manner due to the charisma he brings to anything that he works on. By far, Aiden was one of the most pleasant surprises that we have had all year and I know that he wished he joined sooner to take in more of the excitement of ESports. On a side note: the team and I know when Aiden is in the zone for that he will come up with the most outrageous sayings or odd sounds when he is on fire in-game.” – Forest Hills Team Manager Ben Grove

Favorite subject: Science

Favorite movie: The Shawshank Redemption

Favorite video game: Overwatch 2

Favorite food: Cheeseburger

Favorite teacher (subject taught): Mr. Grove (Honors Government)

Favorite song: I serve the base

Favorite app on your phone: TikTok

Outside interest: Bike Riding

If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?: Eagle. They can fly and they live decently long.

Favorite esports team: San Francisco Shock

Esport player most admired: FlipStingray

Most influential person on my esports career: Mr. Grove

Most impressive esports player that you have competed against: Vsnipes

Proudest esports achievement: 2022-23 OW2 winter season playoffs

How I got my start: I started playing Overwatch more and got good at it and wanted to compete competitively.

Future goal: Be financially stable

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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