2022 Valorant Recap

2022 Valorant Recap

Published on April 23, 2023

Division One

Now it’s time for our 2022 Valorant recap. For Valorant, we had both our division one and division two teams competing last season, each team putting on a great show. Let’s begin with our division one team’s performance. For the first week, the week of October 3, we watched Penn Trafford beat Gateway in a great match, with Penn Trafford’s team using strategy and wits to outsmart Gateway. Next we had Greater Altoona CTC versus Forest Hills, where Greater Altoona CTC took the win against Forest Hills, getting their first win of the season. The last game of our week one’s Valorant division one was Greater Johnstown versus Hollidaysburg, where Johnstown boldly took the win and beat Hollidaysburg. After the first week’s matches, Penn Trafford, Greater Altoona CTC, and Greater Johnstown each ended with 1-0 scores, tying them all for first place. This week’s matches also left Hollidaysburg, Forest Hills, and Gateway with scores of 0-1, so tensions certainly began to rise as the top teams needed to defend their title and position while the lower teams needed to pick themselves up as quickly as possible. 

The second week of our Valorant division one matches, the week of October 13, Penn Trafford remained undefeated by beating Greater Altoona CTC. We also saw Windber versus Westmont Hilltop, where both teams made their first appearances of the Valorant season. This match left Windber with a 1-0 score and Westmont Hilltop with a 0-1 score, as Windber beat Westmont Hilltop in a thrilling match. The last match of the week was Hollidaysburg versus Gateway, where Hollidaysburg made a great comeback and won the match, leaving them with a 1-1 score. Gateway unfortunately lost its second match of the season, leaving them ranked in eighth place with a 0-2 score. Regardless, Gateway gave a great fight, as did our other underdogs. 

Time for week three of our division one Valorant matches, the week of October 17. Let’s begin with the first match, Forest Hills versus Westmont Hilltop. Forest Hills gave a great fight against Westmont Hilltop, taking the victory and evening their score to 1-1, moving from rank six to rank three. This match was unfortunately Westmont Hilltop’s second loss of the season, moving them down to a ranking of seven, tied with Gateway at a 0-2 score. The second match of the week was Greater Johnstown against Windber, two teams which were undefeated up until this point. This was certainly an epic battle for victory, with Greater Johnstown ultimately winning, maintaining its perfect 2-0 win streak and 2nd place ranking. This left Windber in third place with a 1-1 score, leaving them with still plenty of room to move up on the scoreboard. The last match of the third week was Penn Trafford against Hollidaysburg, where the seemingly unstoppable Penn Trafford team once again beat the opposing team, bumping their record up to three wins and zero losses, ranking first place on the scoreboard. Hollidaysburg took the loss like a champ, still remaining positive and determined, now with a score of 1 win and 2 losses. 

Let’s move on to the recap of our exciting 2022 week four division one Valorant matches. We have five matches total this week. We started off the week with three matches on October 24, starting with a match of Westmont Hilltop versus Greater Altoona CTC, which ended in victory for Greater Altoona CTC, leaving them with a stellar score of 2-1 and second place ranking. This was Westmont Hilltop’s unfortunate third loss of the season, but we were certainly inspired by Westmont Hilltop’s strength and continuous fighting spirit until the very end. The second match of this week was Windber against Gateway, where Windber took a glorious victory and Gateway suffered a tough defeat. The third and final match on October 24 was Forest Hills versus Greater Johnstown, where Forest Hills used great teamwork and strategy management to take down Greater Johnstown in a terrific game. This was Greater Johnstown’s first loss of the season, and the match left Forest Hills with a score of 2-1 and Greater Johnstown with a score of 2-1 as well. 

Next up is a continuation of our week four matches of our division one Valorant matches. We only had two matches on October 27, but great matches they were indeed. First up was Forest Hills versus Hollidaysburg, where Hollidaysburg rose to the occasion and beat Forest Hills in a breathtaking match. This left both teams tied at rank five on the scoreboard, each with scores of 2-2. The second game saw Greater Altoona CTC win against Gateway in a great game, leaving Greater Altoona CTC with a whopping score of three wins and one loss. Gateway finished week five with a score of 0-4, but we could certainly see improvement with each game. 

As the season comes to a close, it’s time for our week five matches, the week of October 31, Halloween. First match of the week is Penn Trafford versus Westmont Hilltop, where Penn Trafford once again defended its number one ranking by beating Westmont Hilltop. This left Penn Trafford with an unbelievable score of 4-0. Next for the week was Windber against Hollidaysburg, where Windber used some great tactics to take the win, bumping their season score to 3 wins and 1 loss. This loss for Hollidaysburg moved them from rank five to rank six, with a new score of 2 wins and 3 losses. The last Halloween match was Greater Johnstown against Greater Altoona CTC, and boy what a game! These two teams really went at it, and if you haven’t watched the game yet, you should definitely check it out. In the end, Greater Altoona CTC triumphed against Greater Johnstown, which left Greater Altoona CTC at a second place ranking with an amazing score of 4-1. Greater Johnstown ended this week in a fourth place ranking, with an even 2-2 win-loss score. 

Time for the week you’ve all been waiting for, week six, the final week of matches for the 2022 division one Valorant season. This is the week that decided the final scores and scoreboard rankings. Penn Trafford rounded out the season with the first place title, rocking an undefeated score of 5-0. Penn Trafford was certainly the powerhouse of the season, with their steady teamwork, critical thinking skills, and overall gaming abilities growing through all their games. 

During this week, Penn Trafford earned its final fifth win against Winder, who put up a great fight, but simply was not a match for the tactical Penn Trafford team. Greater Altoona CTC did not play this final week, but remained second place due to their great 4-1 season score. Forest Hills beat Gateway this week, leaving Forest Hills with a final season score of 3-2 and third place ranking. The fourth place ranking was Windber, who did lose to Penn Trafford this week but still ended with a very nice 3-2 score. The last match this week was Greater Johnstown versus Westmont Hilltop. Greater Johnstown won, and was subsequently ranked in fifth place total for a score of 3-2. Sixth place was Hollidaysburg with a score of 2-3, seventh place was Westmont Hilltop with a score of 0-5, and eighth place was Gateway with a score of 0-5. A large shoutout to Penn Trafford for their 2022 division one Valorant standing, and we can’t wait to see them continue to defend that title in the 2023 games. Overall, our division one Valorant teams all did their best during the 2022 season, and, regardless of score, all teams learned, improved, and continued to grow while having tons of fun as well. Great job teams!

Division Two

Time for our division two Valorant 2022 recap! In the 2022 season, we had five teams on our Valorant division two roster, those teams being: Greater Altoona CTC, United, Bishop Carroll, Ferndale, and Westmont Hilltop. Let’s start off with the first week, the week of October 3. Our first game of the season was Ferndale versus Greater Altoona CTC, where Greater Altoona CTC carried its great gameplay from its division one team right into the division two matches, beating Ferndale. The second game of the week was United versus Westmont Hilltop, and United beat Westmont Hilltop in a great battle of the wits. This first week of matches left Greater Altoona CTC and United tied for first place in the rankings, each with a 1-0 win to loss score. 

Time for our second week of Valorant division two matches. This week, the week of October 13, our first match was Bishop Carroll against Greater Altoona CTC. Greater Altoona CTC remained strong in the rankings by taking the victory against Bishop Carroll, continuing to defend its first place standing and win streak. The second game of the week was Ferndale versus United, where again, similar to the power of Greater Altoona CTC, United took the win yet again, leaving United and Greater Altoona still tied for first place with a clean 2-0 record. This week’s matches left Bishop Carroll and Westmont Hilltop tied for third place with 0 wins and 1 loss each. Ferndale was ranked fifth this week, with 0 wins and 2 losses, so keep reading to find out if Ferndale can make a comeback in the rankings!

Now it’s time for our week three matches, the week of October 17. The first match of the week was Bishop Carroll against Westmont Hilltop, and Bishop Carroll proudly won their first game of the season, bringing their score to 1-1. Bishop Carroll remained in third place, with Ferndale and Westmont lagging behind and Greater Altoona CTC and United powering ahead. Westmont Hilltop tried their best, but ended this week with a 0-2 overall score. Our second game of the week was United versus Greater Altoona CTC, the two undefeated champions of the season so far. Tensions were high and the stakes were higher as Greater Altoona CTC ultimately came out victorious, with a glorious 3-0 score and continued first place ranking. This defeat left United with a 2-1 score, but still a great standing on the overall scoreboard, ranked at second place. 

Let’s move on to week four, where we had two exhilarating matches on October 24. First we watched an epic brawl between Bishop Carroll and United, in which United ultimately came out victorious, adding another win to its score, resulting in a total of three wins and one loss. Bishop Carroll remained in third place this week, though Ferndale was hot on its tail, coming up close behind Bishop Carroll, especially after Ferdale’s victory against Westmont Hilltop this week. Previously having a score of 0-2, this week Ferndale was able to beat Westmont Hilltop to bolster their score to 1-2, now tied with Bishop Carroll for third place. Westmont Hilltop was ranked fifth this week due to its 0-3 score, but nevertheless, we saw some great plays by Westmont Hilltop and love their persistence and professional sportsmanship. 

Right after week four, it was time for the final week, week five, the week of Halloween, October 31. What an exciting season!! Ready for the final standings of our 2022 Valorant division two teams? Well, here they are. Greater Altoona CTC ended the season strong, with a fourth and final victory against Westmont Hilltop. This victory ensured that Greater Altoona CTC remained in first place for the entire season, as they ended the season with an undefeated 4-0 score. Congrats to Greater Altoona CTC! In second place we had United, who did not play this final week, but still ended the season with a great 3-1 score, its one loss being the power giant Greater Altoona CTC. Bishop Carroll played in this final week’s matches against Ferndale, taking the win and ending the season ranked in third place with a solid 2-2 score. Ferndale came in fourth place with a 1-3 score, and Westmont came in fifth with a 0-4 score. All of our Valorant division two teams played extremely well in the 2022 season, each team battling their hardest and pushing themselves to their limits. I can’t wait to see what these teams have in store for us in the 2023 season! Good job guys!!!

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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