2022 Overwatch Recap 

2022 Overwatch Recap 

Published on April 23, 2022

Time for a 2022 esports match recap!! Let’s start off with our Overwatch League, division one. Forest Hills, Greater Johnstown, Hollidaysburg, and Windber started off strong in their first week, the week of October 19, beating their opponents, setting them with a score of 1-0 each. Berlin Brothersvalley, Bishop Carroll Blue, Bishop Carroll White, and Ferndale unfortunately lagged behind their first week, losing their matches 0-1. After the first week, the rankings were as follows: Forest Hills, Greater Johnstown, Hollidaysburg, and Windber tied for first place, with the remaining teams, Berlin Brothersvalley, Bishop Carroll Blue, Bishop Carroll White, and Ferndale, tied for fifth place. Each of our Overwatch teams started off the season with some great spunk, each player fueled up and ready to ignite this season’s matches. 

The second week of matches, the week of October 26, we saw Forest Hills, Hollidaysburg, and Windber continue their savage win streak, with Forest Hills beating Bishop Carroll White, Hollidaysburg beating Greater Johnstown, and Windber beating Bishop Carooll Blue, each of these victors ending week 2 with strong 2-0 scores. Berlin Brothersvalley made a great comeback during week 2, claiming a victory against Ferndale and evening their score to an equal 1-1 for the two weeks. Unfortunately, Greater Johnstown slipped up a bit during week 2 against Hollidaysburg, falling from a 1-0 to a 1-1 score. Ferndale, Bishop Carroll Blue and Bishop Carroll White indeed gave another great effort during the second week’s matches, but ultimately lost and ended with scores of 0-2. At the end of week two, Forest Hills continued to be ranked first place, with Hollidaysburg and Windeber claiming the remaining top three spots. 

Halfway through the season, let’s move on to week 3, the week of November 2. Things began looking up this week for Bishop Carroll White and Bishop Carroll Blue, who won their games against Berlin Brothersvalley and Greater Johnstown, respectively. This ranked all three teams at rank four, tied in their 1-2 scores. Berlin Brothersvalley lost to Bishop Carroll White, which led to their ranking at rank 4 with a 1-2 score as well. We also saw Forest Hills, one of the leading forces so far, lose in an epic game against Windber, dropping its dominant number one ranking to number three. Hollidaysburg and Windber both moved steadily up the rankings, now tied for the first place ranking. Hollidaysburg showed its skills in a victorious game against Ferndale and Windber claimed its number one spot by beating the fiery team of Forest Hills. Unfortunately, we saw Ferndale drop to 8th place with its 0-3 ranking, but Ferndale’s determined and resilient team never gave up, and kept fighting until the very end. 

We rounded out our 2022 Overwatch season with some exhilarating results during the week of November 9. Hollidaysburg and Windber defended their esports title throughout the entire season, both ending the season with a clean 4-0 score, 4 victores and 0 losses. Hollidaysburg won its final game against Bishop Carroll White, leading to its number one ranking, victor of the season, and Windber won its final game against Berlin Brothersvalley, leading to its second place ranking. Greater Johnstown won its last game of the season against Ferndale, bumping its score up to 2-2, leading to its third place ranking overall. Forest Hills pulled in fourth place, losing its final game against a spectacular performance from Bishop Carroll Blue. Tagging slightly behind this season, Bishop Carroll Blue wowed the audience with their win against Forest Hills, the team that was first in the rankings for the first half of the season. Bishop Carroll Blue ended with a 5th place finish, which is not bad at all, especially considering their stellar improvement. That’s the whole point of matches – to learn, grow, and improve as individuals and as a team. Bishop Carroll White really had their heart in the game in their last match against Hollidaysburg, but were no match for the winner of the season, and they ended the season with a 1-3 score and number 6 ranking. Similarly, Berlin Brothersvalley certainly put in the effort against Windber, but lost against Windber’s power team, also ending the season with a 1-3 score and a number 7 ranking. Lastly, the yellow jackets from the Ferndale swarm gave a great effort in their last match, ultimately losing against greater Johnstown, but we love to see the growth, gradual improvement, and most importantly, their never-dying toughness, their great ability to bounce back from any defeat. A huge shoutout to Hollidaysburg and Windber for their stellar 2022 Overwatch performance, and believe me, we are all holding our breath for the new season, ready to see these two teams try to defend their epic Overwatch win streak legacies. We are also excited to see Ferndale bounce back, as well as to see our other teams fight for first place. Overall, our Overwatch team gave a wonderful 2022 performance, and we can’t wait to see their new and improved game in our 2023 season!! 

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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