Shade Central City School Summary

Published on April 13, 2023

Shade Central City equips students with the tools and knowledge to face life after high school, whether it’s higher education or their careers. First and foremost, Shade Central City places technology as one of the school’s highest priorities, ensuring every student has access to their computer with the latest software. All textbooks similarly have computer-related software so students can access the necessary information and practice at home. This emphasis on computer learning teaches students crucial skills for an ever-growing digital age. Furthermore, the convenience of having school materials online promotes more learning, helping students to grow academically and socially. With such a technology-focused learning strategy, it is no surprise that Shade Central City is part of the growing esports wave nationwide. Gaming improves teamwork and communication skills; it trains students to think critically, adapt to sudden situations, and increases their reaction time overall. Tune in to the Esport Company’s Twitch streams to catch the progressive students of Shade Central City putting their best foot forward in the esports arena!

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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