Tuesday, April 4, Daily Recap: Rocket League

Tuesday, April 4, Daily Recap: Rocket League

Published on April 12, 2023

Time for our Rocket League Daily Recap! Let’s get right into it!

Division One

We started off Tuesday, April 4, with Penn Trafford versus Uniontown at 3:30 pm. Penn Trafford won three matches in a row, and ended up taking the game against Uniontown with a 3-0 score. Perfect score, Penn Trafford!

Our next match was at 4:15 pm between Windber and Richland. Windber tried hard, but Richland was able to use some great moves to keep the ball in their possession and win the game 3-0. Rockin’ moves, Richland!

Our third match of the day was at 5:00 pm between California and Bishop Guilfoyle. Bishop Guilfoyle displayed amazing teamwork that helped them to take the victory 3-0 against California.

The last division one match at 5:45 pm between Shade and Gateway was rescheduled.

Division Two

Our first division two match on Tuesday, April 4, was at 3:30 pm between Forest Hills and Penn Trafford. This was a very close match, as the teams were able to even the score to 2-2, taking their game to a 5th match. In the end, Penn Trafford managed to win the last match, beating Forest Hills with a 3-2 score. Great determination, Penn Trafford!

Forest Hills had another exciting match at 4:15 pm with Uniontown. Ready to come back from the previous loss, Forest Hills started and ended this match strong, sweeping Uniontown with a 3-0 score, leaving no room for error. Awesome comeback, Forest Hills!

Our last division two match of the day was at 5:00 pm between Penn Trafford and Gateway. Similar to Penn Trafford’s first division two game, they were again able to even the score to 2-2. However, this time Gateway managed to pull through during the 5th and final match, beating Penn Trafford 3-2. Glorious victory, Gateway!

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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