Uniontown School Summary

Published on April 12, 2023

Uniontown Area High School, known as Raider Nation, is the #1 ranked high school in Fayette County. This ranking was based on PA Act 13 building-level scores, which use a 100-point scale to provide a quantitative academic score that represents the overall academic performance of each school in Pennsylvania. This reflects the hard work and dedication of Uniontown Area’s staff, students, administrators, parents, board of school directors, and community members. This academic success is mainly due to Uniontown’s vision of transforming students into productive adults. This is made possible through the rich array of experiences that Uniontown provides to its students, as well as Uniontown’s core values. These values include the belief that basic student needs come first, hence Uniontown’s dedication to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment. Uniontown Area High School is also committed to providing quality instruction with a broad-based, effective, and relevant curriculum to prepare students for the continuously changing world. Recognizing the importance of accountability, Uniontown pledges to provide meaningful assessments to evaluate student growth and system effectiveness. To nurture students’ best interests, Uniontown actively promotes its sports teams and its latest esports team, which will compete in the Esport Company’s matches this season. Be sure to tune into the Esport Company’s Twitch stream to catch the Raiders’ fiery esports matches!

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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