Windber School Summary

Published on April 5, 2023

The core values of the Winder Area School District include safety, student development, and communication. Windber places great emphasis on the mental well-being of students, which is essential to any sort of true success, either academically or in the workforce. The mission of the Windber Area School District is to ensure all students have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to solve problems, not only in the classroom but also in real life. All students are equally valuable and essential. Windber’s vision also includes Windber’s commitment to teaching students to communicate effectively and develop into responsible citizens while preparing for a life of continual growth and learning. Winder recognizes that growth and learning are nonlinear, meaning that students need the professional guidance of caring staff in shaping their academic pursuits and character development. This ties in with Winder’s core value of communication, as they have developed a Chain of Communication Matrix to assist students, parents, and community members to ease communication between the parties. Winder also supports students in after-school activities, evident in their wide range of sports offerings, including esports. Windber’s esports team is fired up and ready to go, and we are thrilled to see how Windber performs in this season’s competitive matches!

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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