Tuesday, March 28th Daily Recap: Rocket League

Tuesday, March 28th Daily Recap: Rocket League

Published on April 3, 2023

What a fiery day of Rocket League matches! Let’s dive right into our Tuesday daily recap.

Division One

Our first match of the day on Tuesday, March 28, was at 3:30 pm between Westmont Hilltop and Carmichaels. Westmont Hilltop gave a great effort, but Carmichaels started the week on the right foot, sweeping Westmont Hilltop with a clean 3-0 score. Keep it up, Carmichaels!

Next up, at 4:15 pm, it was Uniontown versus Gateway in a duel for the win. Not willing to lose even a single match, Gateway won each and every game against Uniontown, ending the match with a 3-0 score. Great job, Gateway!

Our third match was at 5:00 pm between Bishop Guilfoyle and Windber. Bishop Guilfoyle used some great teamwork to keep the ball in their possession, scoring goals and racking up points. Ultimately, Bishop Guilfoyle beat Windber with a 3-0 score. Awesome moves, Bishop Guilfoyle!

Lastly, we rounded out our division one matches with a great game between Greater Altoona CTC and Forest Hills at 5:45 pm. Forest Hills was able to use some crazy moves to win one game, but the GACTC Goats ultimately had more moves and tricks up their sleeve, beating Forest Hills with a 3-1 score. Fantastic skills, GACTC Goats!

Division Two

Time for division two! We started off this lovely Tuesday with an exciting match between Laurel Highlands and Richland at 3:30 pm. Laurel Highlands sped around the field, scoring points and keeping the ball away from Richland. With their great teamwork, Laurel Highlands won the match with a stellar 3-0 record. Amazing job, Laurel Highlands!

Right after our first match, we watched Hollidaysburg and Penn Trafford battle it out at 4:15 pm. This was such a close match, and most certainly the closest match we had this week in Rocket League. Hollidaysburg and Penn Trafford were able to even the score to 2-2, taking the match to a fifth game. In the last game, Penn Trafford really pulled themselves together and used some awesome combination moves to win the last match, winning with a 3-2 score against Hollidaysburg. Way to go, Penn Trafford!

For our third match at 5:00 pm, Shade and Laurel Highlands each played their very best in fighting for another win to add to their records. Laurel Highlands ended up winning this game, with a 3-0 score. Laurel Highlands sure seems unstoppable this week in our Rocket League division two series! Astonishing games, Laurel Highlands!

Our last division two match of the day was at 5:45 pm between California and Westmont Hilltop. Westmont Hilltop tried hard, but ultimately fell to the power of California, who took the match with a strong 3-0 score. Stellar matches, California!

Hope you enjoyed our daily recap! Make sure to check out our past games and upcoming games on our Twitch streams, @TheEsportCompany for division one matches and @TECHighSchoolGroup for division two matches. Catch you next time!

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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